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1kg 64% Chocolat Madagascar Madagascan Chocolate

1kg 64% Chocolat Madagascar Madagascan Chocolate

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10 x 100g bars - 64% Madagascan Chocolate 1kg.
Clear reddish brown colour, fruity, acidic, honeyed & mellow notes, fine dark chocolate, freshly made from 100% high quality Madagascan cocoa beans, cane sugar and pure Madagascar cocoa butter

The fine Criollo, Trinitario & unique genus Forastero beans are harvested by specially trained farmers of Ambanja in North West Madagascar for Chocolaterie Robert in Antananarivo. The selected cocoa beans are carefully fermented and dried and are exceptionally rich in flavor. Unlike most Chocolate Factories in the world we craft the fine cocoa to chocolate at Origin, giving optimum freshness and aroma.
Our cocoa mass has not undergone any alkalizing chemical treatment. We preserve the integrity of the finest cocoa by not adding flavours such as vanilla

for chocolatier, chocolate confectionery, pastry, glacier to
develop ganache, chocolate mousses, sorbets,
Melting temperature: 50°C-55°C
Crystallization temperature: 28°C
Indicated temperature of use: 32°C